Medical Billing Company For All Specialties

Balents is the nation's leading medical billing company for physicians and healthcare professionals with growing medical practices.


Specific To Your Specialty

Completed On Your Software

Flat Monthly Fee And Guaranteed Rate


1. Get A Free Analysis

Speak to a Medical Billing Expert about your practice. We will create a strategy to improve the billing process for your practice.

2. Choose Your Monthly Fee

We do not charge a percentage of your monthly revenue. Instead, we charge a flat monthly fee based on the budget and needs of your practice.

3. Set Your Billing Rules

Tell us what time of the day you want us to complete your billing, or which insurance carriers you want to work with. Set the rules to accomplish your billing goals!

4. Sign Your Agreement

We create a Statement of Work based on your billing rules. We also identify your monthly fee to provide a guaranteed rate. Simply sign online, and keep a copy.

5. Pay Your First Fee

Your monthly service fee is paid 30 days in advance. This gives you the freedom to change or cancel your agreement without a commitment or penalty.

6. That's It!

We handle the administrative billing tasks from this point forward. You can track our performance in real time, and we'll keep your reimbursements coming.

A Professional Team That Works As Hard As You Do.

We provide medical billing services to doctors, healthcare professionals, and medical practices. We complete the administrative process of preparing and submitting medical claims to insurance companies on behalf of the medical provider. We make sure claims are paid timely and accurately. We resolve denied claims, and manage the complete revenue cycle for you.

Start Growing Your Practice With No Interruption To Operations.

Choosing a medical billing company for your practice is an important decision. We can learn more about your practice to determine if our solutions are the best fit. We can also provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide to medical billing services and what functions are most important to how your practice operates.


Our Pricing Is Transparent and Comprehensive.

Unlike other medical billing companies, we do not take a percentage of your revenue. Instead, we charge a monthly fee based on the budget of your medical practice. Our fee doesn't go up when your practice makes more money. Our fee includes an entire staff of medical billing experts. We complete an average of 200 hours of work for your practice each month.

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Balents is a medical billing company that provides medical billing services to medical practices in all 50 States of the United States of America. We provide the administrative services required to submit and request reimbursement from medical insurance carriers for medical procedure reimbursement.


Our service fees are determined by the requirements of each individual medical practice.

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