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Get a certified biller to help your practice grow

Balents is the nations leading medical billing company for physicians, dentists, and healthcare professionals with growing medical practices.

Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Month to Month Agreement, No Commitment

Virtual Billing

The medical billing process of today

We complete the administrative process to make sure that doctors and dentists are reimbursed by insurance carriers after services are provided to patients. Balents' virtual billers support providers with credentialing, verification of benefits, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and patient communication.

Complimentary to our standard services - we complete MIPS Quality Payment Program (QPP) reporting, stop employee embezzlement, negotiate insurance fee schedules, and so much more.

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Who We Are
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Your Specialty Is Our Specialty

Keep your staff efficient and motivated

We complete the cumbersome billing tasks so you and your staff can focus on productive items and avoid wasting multiple hours on hold to speak to insurance carriers.

Works with any software

We work with popular software solutions like AdvancedMD, eClinicalWorks, Kareo, and more.

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Standard Operating Procedure

Our virtual billers are trained on a standard operating procedure that can be applied to every specialty.

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Constant and Dependable Support

An administrative-first approach to medical billing

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What We Do
Verification of Benefits

Real time eligibility services - our virtual billers will contact the patients insurance carrier to verify benefits and financial responsibility. This task is completed each day on a report.

Claims Management

Once a claim is adjudicated your virtual biller will post the EOB. If the claim is denied or partially paid, the biller will call the patient's  insurance carrier for proper reimbursement.

Reporting and Tracking

Each day your virtual biller will send you a production report. Each week your biller will send you an Accounts Receivables report. Each month your biller will send you a final report.

Patient Communication

Most patient balances are identified and resolved during the verification of benefits process. If the patient has a balance after the date of service, we will contact the patient.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and straight forward

For small practices across the nation, Balents makes medical billing simple. Unlike other medical billing companies, Balents does not take a percentage of your revenue. We charge a flat monthly fee that is less than our competitors, and less than hiring a full time employee. When your revenue increases, our prices stay the same. Our quality of work is the highest standard in the medical billing industry.


is the average annual cost savings when compared to hiring an employee.


of practices experience an increase in revenue within the first 6 months.


Includes Accounts Receivables Follow Up

$2000/ mo

100 Hours of Billing Work Per Month

Month to Month

10% Discount


Includes Verification of Benefits and Authorizations

$3000/ mo

200 Hours of Billing Work Per Month

Month to Month


Ready to get started?

Try assigning a Virtual Biller to your practice today, and instantly have your billing managed by the nation's leading medical billing company. You can also contact us to discuss custom pricing for your practice.

Always know what you pay

Flat monthly fee without taking a percentage of your revenue.

Pricing Sheet

Integrate your billing software

Our services start in as little as 60 minutes with no training required.

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Contact Us

Our Office Address

2221 Peachtree Road

Suite D397

Atlanta, GA 30309-1148

Our Phone Numbers

(P) 678-701-1090

(F) 678-585-6495

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