Medical billing services for all major specialties in healthcare

Our medical billing service helps your healthcare practice keep track of claims, resolve denials, and track reimbursements.

What are medical billing services?

Medical billing services are outsourced administrative tasks that are completed by a third-party company on behalf of a healthcare provider or medical center. The primary goal of a company providing medical billing services is to improve the timeliness a healthcare provider is reimbursed from an insurance company or patient.



Annual Revenue Increase

How much do medical billing services cost?

The average healthcare practice pays $7,000.00 to outsource medical billing services in the United States. Our services are typically lower than the national average rate, and we charge a flat monthly fee for our services. Each practice is unique, and prices are different for each specialty.

Do you provide medical billing services to my specialty?

Yes. Our medical billing services are specific to each individual client we serve. Our staff has in depth experience with more than 60 different healthcare specialties.

We are a medical billing company for medical practices and healthcare professionals. Our services enhance daily administrative processes through our expertise.

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