Medical coding services for clean claim submission

When a clean claim is submitted, the insurance companies will reimburse your practice quicker.

How does medical coding help my practice?

When your practice utilizes medical coding services, you are eliminating the growing risk of receiving a denied claim. We assign a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) to your practice to make sure your claims are accurate and complete.

Is your coder familiar with my specialty?

In addition to all of our medical coders being certified, we assign our coders to additional training each quarter for the specialty they are assigned to. This gives each coder the opportunity to stay up to date with the changing trends of medical billing that is specific to your practice.

Can you help me fix previous billing errors?

Yes. We will review previously denied and paid claims to understand how you practice works. We will then create a billing strategy based on the insurance companies that are specific to your State. We will resubmit previously denied claims, and request additional reimbursement on previously paid claims if we find a reimbursement error.

We are a medical billing company for medical practices and healthcare professionals. Our services enhance daily administrative processes through our expertise.

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