Patient friendly billing services that enhance communication

We communicate with your patients to help them understand their explanation of benefits and financial responsibility.

How do you communicate with my patients?

We send the initial billing statement to your patient to make them aware of their financial responsibility. When the patient calls your office, our representatives will answer the phone to help your patient understand their financial responsibility.

Can you handle appointment calls?

Yes. Our representatives can assist your patients with scheduling new appointments, changing scheduled appointments, or cancelling appointments. Our services integrate with your practices EHR System to make our communication easy and seamless.

Can you help with past due balances?

Yes. We can help with accounts less than 24 months from the date of service. We can reach out to each patient by phone call, email, postage letter, and text message. We will speak to your patients professionally, and invite them back to your office for their healthcare needs.

We are a medical billing company for medical practices and healthcare professionals. Our services enhance daily administrative processes through our expertise.

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2221 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA

(678) 701-1090

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